This project takes the form of a novel collective art activism, combining the skills of craft, design, art, engineering and diplomacy. Different people from a variety of disciplines have been invited to contribute. 

An implicit undercurrent, their love for the sea, is the connection that unites them. Their combined humanity and creativity will enable this project to succeed.

The artists

Joe Hogan

Joe Hogan has been making baskets at Loch na Fooey, Galway, since 1978, his award winning baskets are those of the natural willows which are grown on bis land and also include found materials such as bog wood from around the area.

Debbie Dawson

Debbie has been working with glass for more than 20 years and is passionate about her chosen medium. Her work is held in both private and public collections. She works mainly to commission and exhibitions.

Peadar Lamb

Peadar is an artist working primarily in the medium of stained glass for over twenty years, who has also embarked on a journey into sculpture.  He specialises in large architectural pieces and small-scale lightboxes, working to commission and for exhibition.

The ongoing tragedy