Remembering the thousands of people drowned crossing the Med.

Using art and humanity to honour the dead and inspire change, from the Irish words Croí (meaning heart) and cuimhneamh (meaning to remember).

Croíneamh is conceived as a project to remember and honour, the 40,555+ people who have died trying to cross the Mediterranean to start a new life. It also seeks to challenge the policies that cause this dangerous route to appear as the only viable route to people who wish to get here.

The project has evolved from an initial concept to commission a memorial buoy, to a collective of  ideas and creative works which will be displayed in Cork City from September 28th, on the street, on the river and in the Gallery at No. 46 Grand Parade.

It seeks in some small way, to make a human connection or engender an emotional response from European citizens like you and me, who have collective power to lobby our governments to address this avoidable tragedy.

We have also collaborated with Creativity and Change to produce a new 60 ft mural that the people of Cork will co design in solidarity with those who are being forced to risk their lives in this deadly crossing.

We invite you explore our work and contemplate on the plight of those who have experienced this journey.

Special thanks are due to Port of Cork for the use of their buoy, Cork City Council Arts Office for their support and for the team of volunteers who have all donated their time and thoughts.